By Henry Gold

freedom 2768515 960 720Are you going to waste it? Or you you going to change the course of your life moving forward? It is easy to blame. It is easy to say that this person did this and that person did that. I did that for more than 30 years of my life. How did the blame game works for me? It created a lot of misery in my life in which I sabotaged my chances of living a limitless life.

Some people might say that I still have a lot of time. Well, six months ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the size of a golf ball. It wasn’t fun. I wasn’t sure I was able to survive either. My younger sister taught she was able to have a happy life, but she passed away at the age of 37 years old.

Her boyfriend and mom came to the funeral and the mom told us that he was going to surprise her this year with a one carat diamond ring on a cruise. He never thought her life would be that short. The question you need to ask yourself is “Why waste your life in a misery?”

Why keep talking about pain, pain, and pain? You are being given only this life once. Live it daily, earn it daily, and make everyday counts. Why? The universe will give you everything you wish for, but you need to show up and you must be there. Otherwise, how can it delivery the gifts to you?

Ask yourself daily: “What do you want out of your life?” If you one something, move toward it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt. Just go for it, regardless. Sure, you will have struggles, but that’s part of building endurance.  It will strengthen you. It will make you want more of it. That’s how you build the internal muscles in you.

So, before you start waste another minute of your life gives in to fear, ask your intuition what you need to do now.  It will respond to you when you believe him 100%. That’s exactly how you live a limitless life. PERIOD.

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