By Tom T Moore

GuardianAngelcreditShutterstockcomA Guardian Angel (GA) is a “whole soul”, but in our terminology, so old and experienced that they glow a golden light and are known as “Golden Light Beings.” My GA Theo says that they prefer the term, “Servants of the Creator,” but we all call them Guardian Angels.

When the Creator of our Universe decided on what is called, “the Earth Experiment,” where a special space-time continuum was created to see if the four negative energies could be worked with, (there are 10 positive energies that not only the rest of the universe, but all the other billions of universes only use), he asked for volunteers to work with humans on Earth. Our own souls had volunteered, promised that they would “fast-track” raising their vibrational levels.

All the other societies were stagnated, and not raising their vibrational levels. So each soul supplied 6 to 12 soul fragments on average in what Theo calls soul “clusters.” Yet our souls do not just concentrate on their soul fragments’ Earth lives; they may be having 500,000 to a million other lives going on across the universe, all for their learning and knowledge.

Theo says humorously that the job description was, “Only Golden Light Beings need apply.” Theo and a little over one million other Golden Light Beings volunteered to watch over all these soul fragments having on average 600 to 800 lives on earth, (all going on at the same time as time is an illusion). Plus in each one of those lives each fragment has also at the same time has 12 parallel lives (there are 12 “yous” all on different frequencies). Therefore each GA takes care of thousands of souls’ soul fragments, and needless to say, are extremely busy. Theo says he takes care of over 27,000 whole souls’ soul fragments.

Now for Guides. I used to think that souls were like the angel in A Wonderful Life movie – simple. That carried over even when I learned about soul fragments, but our fragments are actually much larger (using 3D terminology). Besides splitting ourselves into 600 to 800 pieces and subdividing into 12 more, we also act as Guides. Guides are soul fragments that over all their lives they become experts in whatever their soul fragment is interested in, since each fragment of a soul is given a different interest by their soul. As an example, my soul interest is religions, but another in my “cluster” is an explorer.

Your main Guide typically is a member of your soul cluster, I’m told, but then the other guides come as go, depending on whether you could use some help in whatever work you’re doing. As an example, I used to own an international wholesale tour company, so I had a couple of guides that helped me in that business, Theo says. Then they left when we sold that business and went into international film and TV program distribution, so a couple of guides have assisted me there. Then I started writing books and a couple of guides showed up with great writing experience to assist (thanks guys!). Theo says a fragment or fragments of me are assisting thousands of people throughout time.

* Tom T. Moore is a speaker, frequent radio guest, and author of the series “The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those who Believe in Angels by Light Technology – 

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