By Dra. Ira Esteves

treatment 1327811 960 720Today, Reich’s Psychotherapy is worldwide. Strengthening and improving people’s lives, Reich is considered the father of psychosomatic (please note that Reich and Reiki are not the same. Reiki is an oriental healing therapy). Over the years in my medical practice, I lectured and held workshops at the Institute Wilhelm Reich do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro. Here is where I developed my work based on Reich, and merged therapies necessary to human strengthening, treating depression, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, chronic fatigue, panic and other dysfunctions.

During the twentieth century, there was a greater development of studies about the mind and body. The creation of psychoanalysis by Freud in 1892 amazed the world with the journey of exploring the human mind. We learned the unconscious controls our lives. There is a mechanism of internalelaboration that decodes and organizes everything that happens to us,until the unconscious things reachour conscious. So, now that we know this, what does it mean?
An assistant and collaborator to Freud on the development of psychoanalysis, Wilhelm Reich, created in the beginning of last century, the first work that went beyond the treatment of the mind only, and uniting psychoanalysis and physiology, bio-energy emerged. He discovered that the organic contractions of daily life could cause sickness and death.

I realized that the mind and body is both me and you and all of us; this immense family of human beingsthat laughs, cries, suffers, dances, gets in trouble and causes trouble, works, helps, hates and ultimately loves. We have the word – the language of the ego (conscious) – and the movement – the language of the body. We are an organic complex with experiences guided by values and goals, and our own concept of how we seethe Universe. And bioenergetically speaking, a unit of mind/body with cultural, social and family inherited backgrounds that guide our personal philosophy of life.

We continue to live without paying much attention to it, we complicate life and feel anguish, because besides it all, we still have to deal with the wild political-economic contextwe live in. We were conditioned not to get in touch with our own feelings, and when we do it, we put them aside. It seems that the only time we pay attention is when we become ill.This is what was made of us. The process: Under all sorts of pressure civilizationputs on us, we confuse dreams with needs, sensations with emotions. We suffer a “cellular contraction” that will definitely lead to dysfunctional symptoms (mental, physical, or both). And we will get sick. How? “Well, I jog, do yoga, and eat healthy. I do all I can!” No, you didn’t do all you could.

The modern world brought changes to our eating habits, to our way of life, technology, pollution, drugs and toxic substances, lessphysical activities, loss of libido, and an increase of tension to the nervous system. So, what can be done? Traditional and oriental therapies have united (Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, and others accepted by the World Health Organization). We have it all handy. And in the 1970s, there was the development of the Orthomolecular Therapy by the American scientist Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner.

It includes treatment using vitamins, minerals, amino acids and special diets. See? There is hope! If you suffer from frequent headaches, what is this anger you have hidden in your unconscious? And more: Note if after eating that delicious feijoada (or Pork Stew), you were the only one that became sick? Pay attention! It’s you mind/body way of speaking to you. When we are emotionally sick the Vital Energy or bio-energy gets blocked. We should fight for the equilibrium of our lives remembering always that the cure comes from within. We have an obligation to have a good health. Tchau! Health and Pleasure to you!

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