005AS10 is a unique blend of 10 key fruits and vegetables that is presented in a bottle that looks like a traditional wine bottle, and for my surprise, taste really good with a lightly flavor of chocolate. After our own research, we find out that “On the Today Show”, Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel, described Cupuaçu as “the pharmacy of the Amazon.”
It features a next generation of five Super Fruits including Brazilian fruits Cupuaçu, Açai and Acerola plus Prickly Pear and Yum Berry, with five top natural ingredients, and by a joint research with NASA/JSC. Besides the great product, the manufacturer company AmeriSciences, has pledged a portion of the proceeds of the sale of AS10 to Project10, and for every case of AS10 sold, they schedule plant one tree on the Brazilian rainforest to give sustenance to the local population and improve the global environment. The “Project 10’s” is dedicated to improve health, education, shelter and the environment with direct, effective and sustainable actions. Besides planting a tree the company’s project provides vaccines and supply school books. The truth is that hope can be built on every dollar because it can help create an activity that improves a person’s life or the environment. For information about purchasing AS-10 or to learn more about the green business opportunity surrounding AS-10 call 1-877-270-6076 or e-mail joel@globalwellnessgroup.com.

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