By Rita de Melo Cerqueira / Translation: Sebastian Filho

pexels maria orlova 4947138“Who does not have at least one virtue? We just need to find a way to smooth out the rough side. Let’s help one another by combining our qualities, to build a different world, and to remove the power of evil”. The above excerpt is from the song “Anjos”, from Group Acorde, from the state of Paraíba, in Northern Brazil. Let’s use the rhymes from this song to better understand the Angels closest to God: the Archangels.

The root “angel” comes from the Greek word “angelos”, which literally means messenger or ambassador. Nevertheless this word is popularly used to indicate a superior hierarchy of beings that inhabit the celestial realms. The word “angel” conveys the idea of moral perfection, but it is usually used to define all beings outside the humanity, be they either good or bad.

According to the spiritualistic vision, Angels are beings that already traveled through all the levels of evolution. While some accepted their missions without questioning and attained perfection quickly, others took more or less a longer time to attain perfection. The Angels, Archangels and Seraphs are pure spirits, the ones that attained the highest scale and are perfect all the way around. The Archangels in particular, within the hierarchy, are considered the leaders.

The science that studies the Angels is called Angelology. It promotes the idea that the Spiritual Hierarchy is a chain of beings of great spiritual evolution that constitutes the medium by which God, the Great Center Sun, expresses the power of His universal consciousness. The level of spiritual realization is the factor that establishes the position in this hierarchy. The highest the spiritual vibration the higher it is the position in the Divine Hierarchy. An Archangel has the highest post in the Angel order.

To understand how Angelology defines the purity of Angels and Archangels, we need to talk about God’s Seven Rays. The same way a light beam breaks into seven colors, as it goes through a prism, the spiritual light also manifests itself in seven rays. Each ray has a color, frequency, and specific quality of God’s consciousness.

The seven colors are the natural divisions of the pure white light that emanates from God’s heart, as they come down through the prism of manifestation. They represent the subdivisions of the whole which is Christ, manifesting in seven qualitative aspects of God. Whatever the color, all flames have a nucleus of white fire that possesses all the divine attributes.

The Bible mentions seven Angels with seven trumpets, who were before God. For each of the seven rays, there is an Archangel that presides and orients the groups of Angels that serve under his command in that particular ray.

Cabalistic Angels

pexels mario wallner 9783672The traditional Cabala recognizes 7 Archangels. Note the equivalence of each Archangel with the Astrology and Orixás:

Michael – Sun – Oxalá
Gabriel – Moon – Yemanjá/Nanã
Shamael – Mars – Ogum/Iansã
Raphael – Mercury – Oxossi
Zadkiel – Jupiter – Xangô
Hanniel – Venus – Yori/Oxum
Oriel – Saturn – Yorimá/Obaluaê

Differing from Astrology, which works with planetary conjunctions, and with fixed natural processes in the human realm, the Angelology elaborates a map of influences at the birth hour, which can be modified through magic.

In other words, in Angelology, a human being uses his free choice to mold the birth influences. It is even possible to alter one’s own birth sign. An individual does not need to pass an entire life under an influence related to his or her birth if he or she already overcame the karma from such a birth.

The 7 Archangels implicit in the Cabalistic Angelology represent the LAW, and the 7 sequences of infinite Angels respond for the universal order.

Each new life expression, no matter in what location, originates a new Angel that ordains his birth, existence and death, without interfering in his evolution.

The Catholic Church recognizes only 3 Archangels:

Saint Michael – the power and divine justice. He expelled Satan from heavens when he started to envy God.

San Gabriel – The God’s messenger, he was the angel that announced to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.

San Raphael – the heavenly medicine for the physical body, the emotional, and the spiritual.

santuariodefatima 20180617 1200x630 1

Santuário Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Recife. Photo: Letícia Lins

In Recife, in the state of Pernambuco (Northeast Brazil), there is a church mass in the “Chapel of College Nobrega”, today Santuário Nossa Senhora de fátima, every Wednesday at 5:30 PM that invocate the saintly Archangels. The followers mention many miracles that took place when they participated in these prayers to the Archangels. Soul Brasil Magazine brings to their readers the most ardent petitions to the saintly Archangels. Take advantage and ask for the blessings from these beings of light, with great faith:

San Michael Archangel: “You, Prince of the celestial armies, conqueror of the Hades dragon, received from God power to annihilate, in behalf of humanity, the bigotry of the prince of darkness. With insistence we ask that you bring to us the true humbleness from God, in the continues fulfillment of God’s will, and great fortitude during suffering and trials. When we come before God’s tribunal, help us so that we do not fall weak.”

San Gabriel Archangel: “You, Archangel of incarnation, faithful messenger of God, open our ears so that we can absorb even the gentlest suggestions that emanate from the tender heart of Jesus. We ask that you stay with us always, so that we can comprehend well the word of God and His inspirations. We ask that we learn how to obey, doing willingly what He expects from us. Make us constantly available and vigilant. May we be awake when God comes!”

San Raphael Archangel: “You that send divine love, we pray to you, touch our hearts and put on them the ardent love for God. May your touch remain in our hearts, so that we persevere every day in the ways of love. May we conquer all things by love! Powerful Archangels, divine beings that serve before the throne of God come to our aid. Defend us from ourselves, from our cowardly and weakness, from our egotism and ambition, from envy and lack of self-confidence, from our attachment to richness, from our well being and self worth.”

malachimPowerful Angels from God, remove us from the handcuffs of sin and attachment to worldly things. Remove from our eyes the blindfold that prevents us from seeing the necessities of our brothers and the miseries from our environment, because we close ourselves to the morbid complacency.

Set in our hearts the hook of the saint ansiety for God, so that we do not cease to look for him with determination, helps to others and loves…”.

To conclude, let’s go back to the song, “Anjos” (Angels), mentioned at the beginning, to reflect and to become conscious of life as an opportunity for us to work out our imperfections, to become purer and closer to God in the same way of the Archangels. For this, I leave an excerpt from the song:

“The Master said: be perfect. He taught us a lesson that only loves is eternal. In it is our salvation. One day all of us will be Angels! Let’s work and believe! That in the future we will be Angels, in a planet where Love; only Love will reign. And it will be”.


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