tyre flipping crossfit soulbrasil trainingCrossFit is an intense exercise that helps whip the body into shape while also promoting optimal heart health. The success among those folks over 35 years old, man or woman, is because the heart health benefits. Just like your other muscles, the heart is a very important muscle that also needs regular exercise to stay healthy. You may think that its regular function is exercise enough, but, when you don’t exercise regularly the heart can begin to accumulate high levels of bad cholesterol and eventually become diseased.

The heart is responsible for regulating all systems and providing oxygenated blood throughout the entire body, and for those not very young anymore, keeping the heart working smooth is a pretty good idea. The average adult is 5’7”meaning that the blood has to travel a long way to reach the extremities and back. With proper heart health, however, the body will function at its best and facilitate the prevention of early death through heart disease and heart attack.

CrossFit is a recent fitness craze that has taken the U.S. by storm in just a few years. It was created by Greg Glassman, a coach and former gymnast in Santa Cruz, California, over many decades. The ball began rolling when Glassman developed his own website where he would post daily workout routines or what he called, “the workout of the day.” Initially, his first following consisted of firefighters, police officers, military types and members. But, from this original group, the popularity of his workout routines began to grow. Glassman’s goal with the CrossFit program was to present total body fitness in a meaningful and assessable way. This means that one’s work capacity will increase across a long range of time. Devoted followers of CrossFit are now so numerous that they’re called CrossFitters.

athlete crossfit soulbrasilThe CrossFit programs offered are often very diverse. The locations, routines, and even trainers take the program and, using the same principals, create a workout that works for them and their clients. Many people enjoy CrossFit on the beach, in the gym, and other places where one can get the most out of the environment while rigorously training their bodies.

One of the main points of a CrossFit program is that there is no set routine. This simply means that each time you engage in a workout, you’ll be trying new moves to keep things interesting and get your body to try a wide range of exercises. There are at least 50 basic exercises that are used to create every “workout of the day.” With so any options, the routines never become complacent and you will always be engaged and ready to see what the CrossFit workout will throw at you next.

Due to the ever-changing routines and movements performed at high intensity, your body will receive a total workout while facing new physical challenges every time you exercise. The best part of CrossFit for most people is that it promotes community. Like the Zumba crazy, Gyms often offer these classes to groups of people at one time so that individuals come together and have a common goal and activity in mind.

training crossfit soulbrasilThe basic routines of CrossFit include Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and track and field. The goal is to increase core strength and conditioning through the mentioned exercises and the other basic moves that create the different routines every day. To really engage in the CrossFit experience, the workouts are created for fullbody functional movements. These include movements such as lifting, pulling, pushing, crawling, running, twisting.

While these may sound simple, the other trademark of a CrossFit workout is its intensity. It can be accomplished in an intense but efficient 15-20 minute session. Many CrossFit trainers want their clients to be moving as quickly as they can as they go throughout the workout. It is meant to be a like a short but powerful burst of exercise that will provide the body and your heart with the regular exercise needed to stay strong. CrossFit may be intense but it is designed to give you general fitness for the entire body. When paired with a healthy diet, plenty of rest, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing, CrossFit can do wonders for your body and your life.

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