woman 699004 1920For those who get sick a lot the impact on overall quality of life can be devastating, including lack of energy that comes with not feeling well can affect how well you perform at work and at home. It can also lead to mild depression as down time begins to take its toll. Some people seem to be ill all the time, and pick up every bug that’s going, and by contrast, others always seem too healthy and well with his life.

Here in this article, we will remind you that it is not simple luck that some are very healthy, while you seem to catch something every other month. There are some well-researched reasons as to why some people get ill much more often than others do. Check bellow five good reasons and then try to fix it up to a better and healthily life.

1) Sleep Deprivation

A lot a people don’t pay attention on it, but quite simply, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will become ill. Sleep enables the body to rest and recover, and without this, it will be unable to function properly. During sleep, the immune system produces proteins that fight inflammation and disease. And very important, sleep deprivation has been shown to have much more harmful and long lasting effects.

2) Stress

Stress is normal in this new world, yes, but you need to control it. When we become too stressed for too long, our health is significantly affected. Research has repeatedly shown that chronic stress directly affects our immune system, weakening it and making us much more susceptible to illnesses. Too much stress is also linked to sleep deprivation. Take your time, walking few minutes every day, sleep eight hour per day, take at least one day off and disconnect at all, practice yoga or meditation helps a lot.

3) Diet

Your body needs a well-balanced, healthy diet that provides all the essential food groups and vitamins. Without this, your body cannot function effectively and fight any infections away. Different people, and those of different ages, require a slightly different diet. It is important to know what diet suits your body best, and try to stick to it. This is a subject that you should know. In these days there is so much exposure about the importance of a well-balanced diet. Best fast bet: avoid much sugar, salt, caloric and not healthy food as much as you can.

4) Nutrients and Vitamins

While all vitamins and nutrients are important, some are especially good at fighting off infection and illnesses. Magnesium in particular, helps us to manage stress, and react to situations. Vitamin D is essential for many basic functions, and it is much harder to get sufficient levels in the winter. Vitamin C is an essential component to the immune system, and without it, you will be much more likely to get ill. Consider taking a supplement to ensure you are always topped up and able to fight any illness that comes your way.

5) Dehydration

Without enough water, vital organs and muscles will struggle. Each day we lose a large quantity of water through our bowels, sweating, and urinating. Dehydration happens when you are not replacing lost fluids adequately, and your body starts to struggle. It may not seem like a big problem at first, as the symptoms are similar to that of a mild cold or headache. However, dehydration can become life threatening if left long enough. Drink at least one gallon of water per day. You will looks better too! 

Bottom Line…

There is no magic to wellness; it really is all about self-care. It takes effort to maintain a high level of good health, but you are well worth it! Like a famous “saying”…just do it!

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