By Lindenberg Junior

los angeles 2340323 1280To begin with we can say that the golden state is very beautiful. California have beautiful sunsets and the most protected, untouched coastlines in America… 840 miles!  Actually, stunning sunsets are synonymous with the “golden state” including miles of picturesque coastlines and expansive landscapes. There’s no shortage of places to watch the sun go down in the most breathtaking fashion.

“Cali”, as it is affectionately known, has at least three (3) of the top five (5) most visited national parks in the country – Sequoia, Yosemite and Redwood. In Redwood you can easily standing next to a 250-foot Redwood! In Jalama Beach, a County park just west of the city of Lompoc, you can be able to camping in front to the beach, wake up and jump into the water to have a great surf experience.

Cities like Los Angeles, is a fascinating multicultural metropolis with a fantastic whether all year around. One of the most populous cities in the country, but with millions of acres of wilderness! And that’s why we love it. One of the best thing about living in California is how easily access these amazing wilderness places is. Within a couple of hours drive from big cities like L.A, San Francisco or San Diego, and you will find yourself surrounded by big trees, lakes and tall mountains.

We have asked “why do you love California?” for some of our contributors that lives in Southern California and here bellow you have their answers:

Image_Love CA_Katia Moraes_Photo by Caesar Lima
Katia Moraes (Singer/Songwriter) – “I feel at home among these mountains, the sea, the city, and even the desert. The weather is great and the cultural melting pot inspires my creative soul.” *Photo by Caesar Lima

Image_Love CA_Aryadne Woodbridge_1

Aryadne Woodbridge
(Photographer) – “It is the safest and nicest place to raise my family! We have all: great weather, many possibilities to work, and lots of options to choose a healthier lifestyle!”.

Image_Love CA_Andrei Litinov_2


Andrey Litinov (Videographer) – “California is a perfect combination of greater weather and nature, and it’s full of creative people.”

Image_Love CA_Julia Melim_1


Julia Melim (Actress/TV Host) – “I love being outdoors and you can have the best of all worlds. I love the laid back lifestyle.”

Image_Love CA_Jane Ceron


Jane Ceron (Florist/Photographer) – “Here you never get bored, always have something to do or somewhere to go!”

Image_Love CA_Claudia Passos


Claudia Passos (Photographer) – “Multicultural diversity, weather, sun, beach, mountains, sunset, job opportunities, movies, night, fun…you name it!”

Image_Love CA_Sandra Domingos_1


Sandra Domingos (Life Coaching) – “The weather here is fantastic! It is dry and not humid like in Brazil or the East Coast. And the diversity of cultures! In L.A for example we can have an Argentinean breakfast, a Japanese lunch and a Lebanese dinner, all in the same day.”

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