By Magali DaSilva 

writing gfdb0a308d 1920We travel not only to know a different place or to have good moments and relax but also to tell good histories about ourselves to friends and other people. For this reason, we suggest that you write an amazing history about your next travel to Brazil and share it with us. If you have photos, better still! We can edit them, if needed, and publish your history.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and be enthusiastic, because he/she wants to read something pleasant and inspiring. Tell how the history happened or write parts of it like a diary.

Write during the travel and at all the opportunities you’ll have, like on the airplane, at the hotel, at the restaurant, etc. In this way, you’ll have recent impressions. The main point is to write a history. Edit it later, when you come home and think about this again. Some awesome ideas only spring to mind after.

It’s important to write down what you feel and avoid overkill. To relate the words with the photos is so much better, therefore, stop for a while and try to get into photojournalism taking pictures when you find something or when you see someone doing something interesting, or look at a fantastic view or a famous landmark.

Moreover, remember what one day a journalist said, for example, “Dog bites a man” is not news. “Man bites a dog” is news because it is interesting! Try to write up between 350 to 750 words and send your experience to our editor Lindenberg Junior –

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