002,13Spain is the the center of the boarder’s universe for the 21th year in a row in summer 2006. Windsurfers and Kiteboarders are going to hold a series of five events every year during the Europe Summer.

300 top-ranking wind and kite surfers all over the world battle for the world championship titles and new records, competing in Freestyle events with the judges award points for the craziest jumps, coolest moves and best wave rides. Besides the brand new Windsurfing Discipline Slalom42 introduced this year 2006, a natural progression in windsurf racing, Speed Surfing will be held the . René Egli, the organizer and founder have said “The discipline –Speed, will not only be a chase for records but also a battle between David against Goliath. The best amateurs can enter professional competition, and they will for sure try everything to have the show. “ And to ensure they can treat themselves in style, the by now legendary party tent on Sotavento beach will once again attract thousands of tourists and islanders to party the night away.

001,13When Fuerteventura beckons with its crystal clear waters and guaranteed wind, the world’s windsurfing and kiteboarding elite cannot resist. It is why the list of competitors reads much like a "Who’s Who" of windsurfing and kiteboarding. These riders on the wind can bank on ideal conditions on the island, as can spectators and the media. For them, Fuerteventura is also the perfect venue, since the wind blows from just the right direction to allow contests to be held very close to the beach.

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