People_Juntos & TogetherInitially, this type of visa “Temporary V – Work Visa” can be issued to persons who travel to Brazil to work and/or perform any services under contract, including scientists, researchers, technicians, professionals, and Maritimes. The good news is that the General Coordination of Immigration of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (CGIg / MTE) is grant more than before this type of Visa. From January to June of 2013 a total of 29,486 work permits to foreigners (27,975 temporary and 1,511 permanent).

In the position one in the list that received authorization to work in Brazil are the Americans (3,947), followed by the British (2278), Filipino (2,056), Germans (1837) and Indians (1377). The most popular destinations for those foreign works in 2013 was Sao Paulo (10.705), Rio de Janeiro (10,699) and Espirito Santo (1395). In terms of education, from this total, works with Master/PhD (4.1%), with college degree (49.3%), and with complete HS (41.5%)

Application Process in Brazil

Work visa applications must be submitted directly to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (specific requirements are listed at, under the heading “Trabalho Estrangeiro”). The Embassy can only process applications once the proper authorization has been received from Brazil. It is possible to apply for a Work Visa whilst in Brazil. The requesting party should contact the Ministry of Labor to obtain appropriate instructions regarding the application process.

All visas must be issued outside of Brazil. Therefore if a Work Visa is authorized to an applicant that is already in Brazil, they must leave the country in order to receive the visa in their passport, re-enter on the condition of the Work Visa and register with the Federal Police Department.

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