By Julia Melim

v 25Many Brazilians say bad things about Brazil, ignoring the positive aspects that should be considered. Despite of many things Brazil needs to improve such as urban violence and the health system, we have so many good things to be proud of it. To start, Brazil does not have natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, neither is Brazil known for a high number of stressed and neurotic people, among other things.

It is good to reinforce the concrete and positive happenings that could make any citizen proud in the world.  Brazil is the only country in the world where it is possible to fuel a car with alcohol and gasoline simultaneously.  Also, it is the first country in the world to develop the duo diesel made with “mamona” – made only with national technology.

The company Petrobrás is the only company in the world to have complete production technology of petroleum in deep water. There are 18 factories of vehicles installed, including three with one of the most modern production lines of the world: Mercedes Benz, GM and Volkswagen trucks.

The system of Electoral Regional Court (TRE) is computerized in all regions of Brazil, and it assures the results of reliable elections within less than 24 hours. The market of mobile phones of Brazil is the second largest in the world, 650 thousand new accounts per month, and just behind USA.

Our steel industry is in its maximum performance. The small airplanes made by Embraer, for executives and for military issues have high technology and are commercialized for many countries worldwide, inclusive USA. Mostly medium size airplanes used by American Airlines and Delta are made by Brazilian Embraer! And the country has the second biggest market of jets and executive helicopters.

Image Web June Embraer Legacy 600

Photo: Legacy 600 by Embraer

Even being a country still developing, Brazilians Internet users represent 40% of the market in Latin America. According to research in 50 cities in several countries, the one considered “more empathetic” is Rio de Janeiro. We are a country that has been successful in combating AIDS and other sexually transmissible diseases.

It is the only country in southern hemisphere that is participating of Genome Project. The majority of our children and teenagers between seven and fourteen years old go to school and having basic education. The publishing book market is bigger than in Italy, with more than 50 thousands of new titles per year. We have the most modern bank system on the planet.

Our advertising agencies receive the best and biggest international prizes. Our people are one of the most hospitable and charismatic in the world, and foreign folks that have lived in Brazil, never forgotten the life experience and forever will be in love with the country.

Why Not to be Proud?

Why not be proud of being folks who make jokes of their own disasters and face the displeasure “sambando.” We are a blessed people, who have the joined magic from all races from all faiths. We are blessed people, who can understand all accents… people who offer all kinds of atmospheres to make everybody happy… blessed is this nation called Brazil!

* Julia Melim is a Brazilian actress, TV host/reporter and writer. She lives between Rio, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. She is a long-time Soul Brasil contributor writer –

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