By Conceição Trucom

lady 1840348 960 720What is quality of life for you? And how is your quality of life? Most people are born with the potential to live a long, healthy and happy life. So why then do some of us miss this target? Often people manage to live along life, but in the end they do not have much reason to be happy because they are old and sick. The reasons why? Well, there are many. Let’s talk about the three most important ones:

First is our way of thinking and believing in the popular values of the world. We believe that as we grow old we become more fragile and vulnerable to diseases. We even “invest” thousands of dollars in medical insurance to feel safe that when the time comes doctors and hospitals will take care of us and give us treatment. We spend our youth and adult days abusing “insane” habits with the belief that medicine and medical insurance will save us when this lifestyle takes its toll. If you’ve been sick and looked to these sources for help, you know that this is not the way the things go.

Often, diseases have already done damage to our bodies by the time that they are discovered, while other diseases are oftentimes so advanced that there is no turning back. I feel that it is vital that we get more mature and change our habits and our beliefs. We are not supposed to change our plans once we’ve reached the age of 60 or 70, but rather it is possible for us to live all our life with quality. We must stop fooling ourselves just for the sake of frivolous pleasure.

The human brain is always exercising and stays awake whenever we’re living and growing. The brain hates routine and destructive habits and dies a little every time we give in to so many wrong and conventional models. So, if we keep acting just like that eternally old curious child, our brain and body will stay forever young. After all, children aren’t afraid of rebelling against the powers that be.

The second reason we reduce our potential in all areas of our lives is that we have the wrong idea about what QUALITY OF LIFE is. When this idea is wrong…so too will our lives be. So, I’m asking for all of you to reflect deeply on these questions: What is quality of life for you? And how is your quality of life? A life filled with gratifying work, edifying thoughts, friends and healthy relationships, good eating habits and high quality physical exercise will certainly reinforce our natural resistance and help override the bad influences of our heritage. The more you allow yourself the opportunity to live this way, the better life you will live. I believe that prosperity and abundance for all of us lives just next door. But to get access to it you must have the guts to use the key in your heart’s drawer and open the door of self-love. The only person who can use this key is you.

The third reason we reduce our longevity is pure and simple: negligence. In fact I think that all three reasons end up being the same: negligence. There is a shadow aspect in every one of us that believes that all of the things that happen to us are caused by others. It is immature to put power or control of our destiny into the hands of others. Many aspects of a disappointing future do not exist. If we alter our behavior then we can alter our results. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental vigor are defined by what we eat every day.

vegetable 2564945 960 720This is the reason why it’s so important to be aware of the power of food, which can give us the vigor and power to stay forever young. In this search for enlightenment you’ll find out that between 50% and 70% of all the food that we swallow every day should be eaten raw, fresh and free of agro toxics and chemical additives. In this condition, when food is full of vitamins, salts, fibers, enzymes, amino acids, essential oils and pure water, the human body works more efficiently, produces more metabolic potential for reconstruction, regeneration and renewal, and a greater potential for detoxification and release of wastes.

The health of a person is highly determined by the capacity of the body to detoxify itself. Our society is so accelerated, stressed and competitive that intoxication is absolutely natural. There’s a lesson to be learned here: the less we intoxicate ourselves and the more we detoxify the greater the potential we have to be eternally young, healthy and happy!

* Conceição Trucom is a therapist working in the area of meditation, cabala, tarot, health and nutrition. She has written many books about natural food habits in Brazil. She lives in São Paulo and you can reach her by writing to

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