By Andrea Alves

Fotolia 27194405 Subscription LMuch better for us, mere mortals, that can take a ride on this outstanding trip called Armação dos Búzios. First, there were the native Indians living off its generous nature. Then, came the English, French and Dutch pirates, slave traders that benefited from its geography, plenty of hidden bays to hide their wrongdoings.

The French fought with the Portuguese, taking turns on victories over the land. At last, fishermen lived calmly in the area, until she showed up. She finally came! The one who would launch Búzios in the international scenery: Brigitte Bardot!

Fleeing from the paparazzi, Brigitte went to Búzios in 1964, with a Brazilian boyfriend she had back then. Rio’s high society members were frequent visitors of Búzios.And God made Brazil… Gigantic wonderland! Very pleased with the job, He decided to give this country a jewel. A pendant of land reaching to the ocean, set with 26 different precious beaches, with varying nuances of bluish green and greenish blue. Outlined by white sand and pristine hills. He gave it a fresh aura, exuberant fauna and flora, and abundant tranquility. A mix of Reggae and Pink Floyd. Then, God rested. Kicked back and relaxed in Geribá sands, and ordered a cold coconut. Ah… how sweet is the taste of a finished masterpiece.

Because of beautiful Bardot, today the pretty beaches are shared by a legion of “us, you, them,” French, Argentineans, tourists and travelers from all continents, teenagers, artists, Argentineans, cool people, older people, more Argentineans, hammock sellers… Even Mick Jagger has already “rolled” over there! After all, there are 26 beaches!!! Of all types and sizes, to satisfy all tastes and beliefs! Blue waters, cold or warm, shallow or deep, depending on the geographic position of the chosen beach, match various interests. Divers searching for corals, fish, rocks, solitude. Surfers and bodyboarders looking for hot waves in gorgeous beaches, either crowded and jamming, or almost wild. Geribá, Tucuns, José Gonçalves, Praia Brava have the best waves.

Typical high winds suit those that use them for their enjoyment. Windsurfers and sailors “fly” with their vehicles at hallucinating speeds! They jump so high, that even the most experienced audience can get dizzy watching the frequent championships in Geribá. Some opt for high-speed rides over apparently endless extensions, from Praia de Manguinhos (usually waveless) to Ilha Feia (Ugly Island), that catch us with its beauty.

SUP GERIBA1Some beaches are natural pools, perfect for families that can let their children play freely, with no concern. Ferradura, Ferradurinha, Tartaruga, Azeda e Azedinha, João Fernandinho are just a few. As for the visitor who just wants to relax, a simple movement with the head will make appetizers, meals and all sorts of drinks come to his/her hands. And the relaxation continues with no interruptions.

Búzios population of around 10 thousand people grows “slightly” to over 150 thousand during long holidays!!! Of course you can count on some traffic jams, but who’s in a hurry? “Te quede tranquilo! Acá estás en Búzios!” it’s the motto in well spoken “Portunhol.” So what to do? Relax, relax, and enjoy, and enjoy, and enjoy…Want adventure? So, go for a boat ride! They serve meals, drinks and surprises on the way. It’s also a fun choice to get a water taxi from one beach to another. If you are lucky, there will be a sunset in the background and seagulls accompanying with their ballet. Hikers, golfers, ecotourists, nudists… There’s a place for everyone, special spots for stories to turn into memories.

Oh, don’t let me get too excited with the beaches and forget the local shopping activities! Fantastically adapted to the rhythm of Búzios, charming stores with national and international brands, with high taste objects made all over Brazil, open late and close after midnight. Shopping is a real pleasure. Especially when you’re just a few steps from the intense nightlife, with great music, international cuisine, beautiful people up and down Rua das Pedras, or the semi-new Orla Bardot.

There are always some stumbles on the rocks of Rua das Pedras. It helps the flirting go on, and sends away the stress of the big cities. Teenagers just L-O-V-E it all! Hotels, bed and breakfast, places of all levels and prices are abundant. Búzios breathes tourism. Come check it out! Búzios visual beauty and ethereal enchantment will take you to another dimension. So, what to do? You know.

Búzios was elected one of the 10 most beautiful areas in the world, famous for its unique combination of rustic charm, architectural harmony, incredible beauty and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants frequented by discerning visitors who come from all over the world to savors its magic.

Optional Tour to Buzios and the Best it Can Offer

* Round trip transfers from Airport to Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

* 01 Night accommodations in Rio

* 03 Nights accommodations in Buzios

* Daily Brazilian Breakfast Buffet

* Roundtrip transfers from Rio de Janeiro to Buzios (Non Private)

* Half day boat tour with a catamaran

 Not Include:

* Meals and/or tours not included.

* Tourism tax

* Insurance

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