pexels sora shimazaki 5673488With more than $104 billion going into U.S. real estate from global buyers in 2018 alone, it’s no surprise that more and more U.S. real estate investors are working hard to start investing with foreign buyers and foreign money such as Brazilians.  In Florida,  2013 and 2014 Brazilians were on the top of the list of Foreigners investors in real estate.

It is important to understand that the top factor to be successful in this venture is the understanding of cultural behavior of other cultures, and in this case, Brazilian culture and behavior.  The key, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)’s “Global View” division understands the distinctions in other cultures between “high context” and “low context.”

High context cultures, the NAR reports, individuals place a high value on personal relationships within a professional or business setting. These cultures include Japan, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain and Brazil. In a high-context culture, it is very important to be aware your body language, do your research into religious and cultural norms, and factor in the level of respect you convey when speaking. This includes determining whether it is appropriate to shake hands, hand out business cards, and even talk about money at all before the investor brings it up. This is important for all level of business relations with potential foreign investors.

Low context cultures, on the other hand, tend to place much more value on the value you bring to a business transaction rather than on taking time to develop a personal relationship. Countries with low-context cultures include the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Denmark, and Norway. These investors want the facts up front and presented in an efficient, detailed way. The professional can focus more on saying exactly what you mean instead of worrying about how you say it, within the bounds of polite, professional conversation, of course. In short, people from low-context cultures follow the rules, standards, and details of a contract strictly.

If you are a professional that have relationship with Brazilians or intent to doing business with Brazilians, a good tip is to keep updated about Brazilian culture and behavior and our website is a pretty good start – a great tip: search by keywords using the “search icon” on the up right side located in the black bar on top

* This article had the Brazilian realtor Vladimir Bellemo as consultant. He has lived and worked for many years in Orange County, California. Vlad even has extensive experience with foreclosures and short sales – 

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