By Sylvia Silk

directory 973992 960 720In a world containing infinite possibilities, why do we choose to attach to only one? And then, if that one possibility is not forthcoming, we get very upset! We can actually make ourselves ill when we don’t get the one possibility we are fixated on.

Would we not be better served to not attach to any outcome but look forward with eager anticipation to the one possibility that Life/ Love/ Joy is sending to us? What if we were open enough to receive and loving accept the possibility that did come to us? To focus all our energy into fear, worry, anxiety of a future outcome we do not want, we unknowingly close the door to the good that is coming to us. We divert our energy into manifesting what we don’t want. To manifest what we do want, we have to sharpen up our discerning skills.

One response to that idea is: “Oh, no I couldn’t do that. I might get an outcome I wouldn’t like. So I’ll fret and worry about all the outcomes that I could get and don’t want, and pray that I don’t manifest any of them.” This is an example of fear-based thinking. Fear-based thoughts disappoint and depress us.nature g64fbc9ea7 1920

A love-based thought would respond like an expectant child on Christmas eve, “I wonder what wonderfulness is coming to me. I wonder what Santa/ God/ Love is bringing to me.” I get all excited and happy just thinking about the good that wants to be delivered to me.

I walk through a bookstore and a book title catches my eye. It is a book written by Byron Katie, the originator of The Work, called Loving What Is. That’s what a love-based thought settles on: it loves what is and what is coming. It is a non-stressful, exciting way to think.

Discernment is an attribute of one who has learned to tell the difference between a fear-based thought and a love-based thought, and a master is one who chooses the love-based thought. Practice choosing love-based thoughts over fear-based one.


*Sylvia Silk is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and the Executive Director of the Institute For Balanced Living, a place to go for healing, support, and transformation along your evolving path to living life in balance – 

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