Image Living in US Smartphones WebTired to pay too much to use your cell phone? If your answer is yes, keep reading. For sure you are not alone and hundreds of thousands of people in U.S. facing up with this problem. Here in this article you can find simple strategies to change this game. Here in U.S. the cell phone business work a bit different if compare with Brazil, and what is common to see, is a large wireless provider often comes with a irresistible perk: a new free or discounted phone in exchange for you signing up for a one or two-year contract .

Most recently most of these major wireless companies also offer significantly cheaper, non-contract plans. While this means no free phone, you reap bigger savings in the long run – yes, you can spending up to 50% less on wireless services then you would with a two year contract (and which more than covers the price of a new phone).

Best of all, if you find a lower price elsewhere you can easily change providers at the end of the month. To compare prices of no-contract wireless services, check For saving and satisfaction you can try a smaller company. In a new survey, the most satisfied customers were smaller wireless companies such as TracFone, Net10, Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile. Pay attention if you are paying expensive overage charges for using too much data, minutes or text. Wasting your $ by buying more than you use is actually a more common problem. A good tip: review past bills!

To stop throwing away cash on an expensive cell phone plan, another good tip is to visit Once you input your cell phone habits, the website complies a list of plans from major carriers, as well as prepaid plans that fit your needs, helping you spot the best deal in seconds. If you were under a contract with a major wireless company, and you now pay month by month, try to change for the competitor to get incentive cash from the new carrier to bring in your account.

Our publisher, in January 2017 had a Sprint “family plan” (three phones) contract that finished. Tired to pay over $220 every month besides the terrible customer service of Sprint, he decided to move for a non-contract plan with T-Mobile. He got a $140 per month deal for the “three phones lines” service and still, received three $150 debit card rewards because the “Sprint to T-Mobile” account moving promotion. One week later he received various emails from Sprint offering him $300 to comeback (he did not!). So use competitors game and offers to attract new customers (or maintain them) in your favor to save big!

Did you Know?

You can snag this hard-to-find discount on iPhone!  You may know you can save on iPads, iPods and Mac Computers at Apple’s special deals section at, which offers clearance and refurbished Apple products. But what if you want an iPhone? Until the end of 2016, those were only available at full price. Luckily Apple just added iPhones to their discounted department, letting you get it for 15% less plus a free one-year guarantee.

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