introvertido 3 810x540Do you find yourself spending too much time on your own, doing the same things over and over, or feel like you’re holding yourself back? There are a few things you can do if you’re stuck in an introvert rut. Here bellow find out four ways that should help you.

1) Get out there, but within your comfort zone

One of the best ways to get out of a rut is by pushing yourself to try new things, however, this can be a bit much for the deeply introverted. Branch out and try new things in new places, maybe hanging out with a larger group of people, but do so within the confines of your comfort zone.

Go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite drink at their busiest time of day. Go to a party you wouldn’t typically but hang in the corner with a close friend. The key to this exercise is finding a balance; you want to push yourself, but not too far.

2) Meet new people on your terms 

Along the same lines, you want to meet new people within your comfort zone too. Spark up a conversation with a friendly person at your favorite store, restaurant, or bar. This will help you meet someone that’s most likely like-minded without pushing yourself to the point of discomfort.timidda

Push yourself to go somewhere where you might meet a new friend with whom you have common interests. This could make it easier for you to mix things up and get out of your rut without pushing yourself to the point of discomfort.

3) Push yourself to participate in something new

Doing something entirely new to you can be a good way to break yourself out of your rut, but for a lot of introverts, this is highly uncomfortable and maybe even anxiety-inducing. You have to push yourself to do something new that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re more comfortable going out to a game night at a brewery or a book club that let you be in a smaller group, push yourself to do that. If you’re more comfortable going to a larger party where you can hide in the crowd if you need to, then that needs to be the something new you try.

4) Drive yourself to bust out of your shell

amigosA great way to break out of an introverted rut is by pushing yourself to get out of your shell. This is another exercise that might prove to be very uncomfortable for introverts, so it may not be for everyone.

Pushing yourself to try new activities that cause you to push the limits of introversion can help you get out of that rut. Try branching out to new small groups where the attention has to be on you at some point, like a book club, creative writing group, local bridge game, or a small jam session among other things. This will help you break out of your shell and push past this introversion and the rut you’re in.

Last words…

This 4 ideas or ways above should help you get out of your rut without risking pushing you over your limitations. If you still find this difficult, we recommend discussing it with your therapist. They’ll be able to help guide you to more specific and custom exercises that will better help you get out of this rut without hurting yourself in any way.

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