Soul in Shape Jessica 8For Jéssica, the care for her health and body came early. With diet and a weight training she turned her body into work. The fit and beautiful “goianiense” – a native from Goiânia (Brazil), currently lives in Las Vegas. She is an actress and model, and among her goals is to become a successful businesswoman in the United States and in Brazil.

The model says that her love for fitness was attibuted by her mother, a vain woman from whom she draws inspiration. “By the age of 17, still in Brazil, I started training hard because I was very skinny and wanted to get body volume. I work as a model in different events and parties, so I always need to take care of it,” says Jéssica.

She started practicing ballet when she was still a child, and that is when her passion for dance began. Later she fell attracted to other rhythms as ballroom dancing, jazz and Afro-Brazilian axé. “I no longer dedicate myself exclusively to dance and started to practice only in my spare time, like at parties, which I love, by the way! Anyone who knows me knows”.

When asked about her love life, she said that are engaged and feels very happy. “I have a relationship like I always dreamed of and asked God for, a healthy and fun relationship based on trust and loyalty”.

For Jéssica, to be happy is to have good and loving people around her. Her motto is: “You attract what you are, not what you want.” In addition, she leaves a message for all women in the world: “Be the woman of your dreams!”

Get to know more Jéssica:
Born: Goiânia (GO), Brazil.
Living Now: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S
Weight: 136
Height: 5’8”
Sign: Capricorn
Color(s): Pink and White
Food: Pasta and Sushi
Hobby: Hangout with Friends and Workout
Sport/Fitness: Dance
Music: Reggaeton / Funk / Sertanejo / Hip Pop / Electronic

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