Libertando o Verdadeiro Eu

Não é somente dor e sofrimento que vivenciamos numa sessão de terapia de vidas passadas. Nós também encontramos propósitos brilhantes, façanhas nobres e, amores verdadeiros que se perpetuam por séculos


Vanessa says “I would ask my students why they “sticked” with Brazilian Dance? Almost everyone would answer me without a beat: because it’s fun, it makes me happy and because it works in many levels! I tend not to separate fitness, health and art

Mariano Silva and his Afro-Brazilian “Bossa”

Inspired by the voice of his mother singing Condomble songs and the aroma of traditional Afro-Brazilian foods including Caruru and Vatapa, Marcos Mariano Silva began dancing at age 12. His dance movements came from the soul